Dictionary iPhone App Review

A dictionary is an vital part of our daily living. It is employed in libraries, schools, and even offices. Though we stock ourselves lots of pocket dictionaries, they can easily still become quite inconvenient sometimes. But with the ground breaking Dictionary for iPhone today, we can say goodbye to having our stacks of catalogs around. iphone app review ratings

Let us take a peek into the Dictionary iPhone software review by reading the parts below.

The Notion

So why pay for something when you can download a dictionary for free? Apart from its being complimentary, this iPhone software solves the void of “bookwhere to buy app downloads-carrying” by putting all the features of a dictionary into one software. It contains around 85, 000 synonyms and over 275, 000 words. Included in the program are the fundamental thesaurus and dictionary functions together with audio tracks pronunciations for various words. There is also a “word-of-a-day” section where users can learn new word meanings.

A Seem Into Top quality

The Dictionary iphone app for i phone is stylish yet simple. It is as uncomplicated as any useful book in this world. If you search for a word, you instantly get its interpretation. And if you desire a synonym for that expression, you simply have to click on the database tab and you get what you need right away. What’s more, the synonym replacement tool gives a set of other words which can be used in replacement of the original word you are looking for.

This iphone app is especially useful for teachers, travelers, students, writers, readers, and people who find term search important in their daily lives. Apart from being cheap, the Dictionary for iPhone doesn’t require online connectivity. You can put it to use in places where there is no use of the net. The Dictionary software does what it is set out do; and the amazing part of computer is – it works pretty much.

Some Minor Disadvantages

The only drawback to this software is that a number of the features require internet connection. The “similarly spelled words” and “audio pronunciation” are two features which need internet. The first feature allows users to check for misspellings and come up with a pair of words that can possibly be the item you’re looking for. The latter, one the other side of the coin hand, allows you to hear the pronunciation of the term itself.

Although these features are certainly not as important as deriving the word definitions itself, these can also come in handy. In totality, the product is really as useful as any other dictionary in the globe.

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