Using the LDS Scriptures in Primary

Producing use of the scriptures in primary can be a tricky thing because the language is new. The scriptures use bigger words that children have a hard time delivering and each child is at another type of level of understanding. However, there are ways that you can reach each child with the scriptures. search the scriptures

Before you dive into the scriptures it is just a good idea to write the harder words on a chalk table and ask the children if they really know what the words mean that help them define them. When the words have been identified, tell them a history or sort of each word and make clear why the words are important. Then read the bible verses to your class, emphasizing the words learned.

When chatting to younger children, it is a great idea to read a few words of the scripture and then have them repeat them back. This allows them to understand words, especially since many younger kids are not at reading level.

Consider the scripture and then help them apply it to their own lives. Ask them thought invoking questions. If they are older children speak to them as if they are adults, and tell them they are going to be learning new things that they have never learned before. Listen to what each child has to say, you will find yourself learning something new.

Give each child the possibility to say something; you may ask a question that each child in the room can answer on the personal level. This kind of technique works more effectively with older children than younger. Most younger children struggle to get recommendations and are often times too shy to answer.

Although not all children will be able to memorize the scriptures, it is a good idea to end with the children memorizing the bible verses. You can do this in parts. If you don’t want to end with memorization you are able to go back again to a game. Hangman is overused, so try something creative like a matching game, word eliminating, or repetition. Simple video games can make learning scriptures in primary fun.

The most important thing that can be done when teaching scriptures to primary age children is to follow the soul. Following spirit will help you to really know what the needs of each child are. With prayer and personal study you will be ready to instruct and influence the lives of each and every child.

With practice, however, youngest sunbeam will commence to enjoy learning about the scriptures.

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